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  • silitop B1
  • silitop B1

silitop B1

aqueous water repellent for porous materials

Water repellent mineral, porous and absorbent materials commonly used in construction, such as ceramic tile, brick, cement, clinker, natural or artificial stone, cement-based products. Water repellent facades in porous materials (eg monomassas, colored plasters). Suitable for rehabilitation repellents applied to existing porous materials in buildings serving the architectural and monumental heritage. The Silitop B1 prevents water from entering into the interior of materials, protecting them from weather actions. Keeps the natural look of the materials. Surfaces treated with Silitop B1 acquire a high water repellency, without altering its vapor permeability. Difficult the penetration and adhesion of fungi, bacteria and microorganisms to the materials.

Price with tax
Designation Stock Unit price with tax IVA Unit. Pack Box Pallet
SILITOP® B1 - 20 Litres 3.09€ / LT 23.00% 3.80€ / LT 76.01€ / 20LT - -
SILITOP® B1 -5 Litres 3.70€ / LT 23.00% 4.55€ / LT 22.76€ / 5LT - -

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