waterproofing and accessories

profile riveco

Since 2.80€/UNID

profile soleco

Since 2.28€/UNID

air vents for pitched roofs

Since 10.55€/UNID

air vents for pitched roofs art.157

Since 21.21€/UNID

air vents for pitched roofs italprofili 159

Since 19.45€/UNID

extralong roof drain igom.ce italprofili

Since 24.72€/UNID

head piece ridge element italprofili 2005

Since 1.24€/UNID

igom.EE italprofili 141 and 142

Since 12.68€/UNID

igom.EE italprofili 144 and 145

Since 18.78€/UNID

italprofili 146 grates and adjustable sleeve

Since 4.49€/UNID

italprofili anti-condense extractor

Since 15.18€/UNID

italprofili art.118G drain box

Since 33.63€/UNID

italprofili corners for bituminous membranes

Since 1.62€/UNID

universal R anti-backup roof drain in igom.ce

Since 7.42€/UNID

self adhesive waterproofing bandbutyl tape and aluminum. application in facades and roofs.

Since 24.42€/ROLO

HYDRO BLOCK band soudal

Since 16.03€/UNID

waterproof self-adhesive tape Onduband PRO

Since 18.71€/ROLO

elastic rubber band with polyester net50m roll

Since 2.83€/ML

manga / membrane - vapor barrierManga (open 4m) for vapor barrier (story house)

Since 3.63€/KG

draining membrane

Since 1.73€/M2

textopMonocomponent sealing resin, polyurethane bitumen for waterproofing ro...

Since 23.06€/KG

COLTACK EVOLUTION expansive liquid glue

Since 13.04€/KG

stainless steel gargoyle25cm; 40cm

Since 131.08€/UNID

dripping-panfor balconies and terraces, frost-resistant

Since 6.42€/UNID


Since 31.82€/UNID

gargoyle mouth dischargesquare with or without cove

Since 16.83€/UNID

pipe fitting

Since 3.80€/UNID

chimney venting steam

Since 1.02€/UNID

universal roof drain igom.ce italprofili

Since 9.54€/UNID

gargoyle connection

Since 10.87€/UNID

black ribbed expansion joint for bituminous membranes

Since 31.49€/ML

roof drain pvc-p

Since 14.33€/UNID

smooth expansion joint for pvcmembranes

Since 31.49€/ML

angled roof drain 90

Since 16.96€/UNID

pipe fitting pvc

Since 12.30€/UNID

chimney venting steam pvc

Since 1.02€/UNID

angled roof drain 90

Since 36.29€/UNID

pvc-p internal external corners

Since 2.08€/UNID

italprofili 40 Ø80mm 100x100mm

Since 5.45€/UNID

italprofili 41 Ø100mm 100x100mm

Since 5.45€/UNID

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